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13 February 2024

4 Min Read

Rising Beyond Challenges: Maluleke's Inspirational Journey of Resilience, Learning, and Impact

Explore the extraordinary journey of resilience, learning, and impactful triumphs with Maluleke. Rising Beyond Challenges, his inspirational story unfolds as a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Naughty Maluleke is a multi-award-winning business coach, accredited investment practitioner, business analyst, and growth strategist and a proud IIE Rosebank College alumnus. He received several awards, including the 2017 Soweto Business Star, the 2018 Department of Economic Development Zero to Hero, the 2018 Nedbank Business Incubator of the Year, and the 2019 NYDA Top Business Riser. Mr. Maluleke has contributed to the college by participating in student intake and on-the-job experience training. In his opinion, studying at IIE Rosebank College has provided him with a quality education, preparing him to be a disciplined, focused, and hardworking individual. 

Throughout his career, he has also invested in learning, believing that learning is a lifelong journey. After graduating from IIE Rosebank College, he also pursued professional development through lifelong learning, becoming an investment practitioner and financial management planner. Not only did the classroom learning contribute to his growth, but Mr. Maluleke also commends that the IIE Rosebank College Graduate Empowerment Programme has significantly aided his development, preparation, and guidance for his business journey, and equipped him with the necessary courage and skills for the future.

However, his success wasn’t without challenges. Maluleke was faced with primary challenges in balancing academic commitments, personal responsibilities, and financial constraints. It required exceptional discipline, determination, and perseverance to overcome these challenges. Apart from all that, he advises graduates and current students of IIE Rosebank College to follow their goals, use their limited knowledge and funds to focus on their goals. He suggests that using the alphabetical pattern BCD as a motivation to live and achieve their goals. Birth is an opportunity to live and enjoy life, and Choices made after birth should be positive and encouraging to lead a positive and influential lifestyle.

Maluleke's venture investments demonstrate a willingness to explore new opportunities and take calculated risks, potentially impacting various industries. His accomplishments align with graduates' advice on seizing opportunities, making positive choices, and leaving a meaningful legacy.

Maluleke's story is a testament to resilience, dedication, and the belief in lifelong learning. He has overcome challenges, embraced lifelong learning, and positively impacted his alma mater and the business community. His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring individuals, emphasizing perseverance, continuous learning, and giving back to the community that contributed to his growth.