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27 March 2024

3 Min Read

Empowering Through Personal Branding by Rorisang Mathe, an IIE Rosebank College Alumni

Embark on a journey of personal and professional growth as students gather under the golden glow of IIE Rosebank College for a transformative masterclass on Personal Branding and Digital CV led by a revered alumna, igniting inspiration and empowerment in every attendee.


Amidst the golden glow of the IIE Rosebank College Pretoria Campus, students eagerly convened for a special masterclass on Personal Branding and Digital CV. Leading the session was an esteemed alumna, returning to share her insights gained since graduation. Expressing heartfelt gratitude, the alumna began, "I want to thank all students who attended my Online Personal Branding and Digital CV masterclasses. Your engagement means the world to me." Her sincerity set the stage for an enlightening experience.

Throughout the masterclass, students absorbed practical advice on crafting compelling personal brands in today's digital landscape. Drawing from her experiences, the alumna stressed authenticity and leveraging digital platforms to stand out in the job market.

A poignant moment arose when she honoured the Career Service Manager, Lillian Bususu, as a beacon of inspiration. "Meeting Lillian Bususu was a highlight. I'm a product of her legacy and am eternally grateful," she expressed genuinely. Beyond insights, the masterclass fostered connections within the college community. A campus tour afterward reignited fond memories as alumni reminisced about their college days.

In closing, the alumna thanked the Career Centre staff and acknowledged those who shaped her journey. As the session concluded, students departed inspired and empowered for their personal branding journeys. Through her commitment to giving back, the alumna embodies the spirit of lifelong learning at IIE Rosebank College, leaving a lasting legacy.