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06 March 2024

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Empowering the future of Tourism: IIE Rosebank College graduates and students shine at Meetings Africa

Embarking on a transformative journey, IIE Rosebank College graduates and students take center stage, showcasing their brilliance at Meetings Africa. Join us in celebrating their dedication to shaping the future of tourism and empowering the industry with innovation and excellence

In a bid to provide invaluable experiential learning opportunities for its students, IIE Rosebank College Career Service department in Braamfontein Campus recently collaborated with Zimasa Travel and South African Tourism to send a group of talented individuals to the prestigious Meetings Africa event. The event was held at the Sandton Convention Centre from the 27th to the 29th of February 2024, it served as a gateway for exhibitors to showcase their offerings to international and local buyers, African associations, and corporate planners.

Meetings Africa is renowned as the continent's foremost platform for face-to-face interactions with the most influential buyers globally, offering a unique opportunity to be part of Africa's growth in the tourism industry.

In this exceptional initiative, five current students from IIE Rosebank College a leading educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education, pursuing an IIE Diploma in Tourism Management and two IIE Rosebank College graduates with an IIE Higher Certificate in Travel were selected for this enriching experience. The selection process was based on a first-come-first-serve basis, highlighting the demand and enthusiasm among the students to participate.

The collaboration between IIE Rosebank College, Zimasa Travel, and South African Tourism exemplifies a commitment to providing real-world exposure to students, bridging the gap between academia and industry. The students not only had the chance to apply their academic knowledge in a practical setting but also to interact with industry leaders, gaining insights that will undoubtedly shape their future careers.

These young graduates and students were not merely attendees at the event; they represented the future of the tourism industry. Their active participation in Meetings Africa reflects the dedication and excellence that IIE Rosebank College instills in its students.

As we celebrate these accomplishments, we look forward to witnessing the continued success and growth of these aspiring professionals in the dynamic field of tourism.

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