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Nokuthula Phiri

MSc Business Management

Campus Head : Bloemfontein
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Mobile : +27 51 101 0414


Nokuthula Phiri is the Campus Head at IIE Rosebank College Bloemfontein Campus.

She brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic leadership style to her role as the Campus Head. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, student development, and community engagement, Ms. Phiri is poised to lead the campus to new heights.

Nokuthula Phiri holds Masters degree in Business Management from Northwest University  and has 20 years of experience in  Higher Education ranging Tvet College to University. Her academic background, coupled with a passion for fostering a conducive learning environment, positions her as a key driver of the campus's success.

Ms. Phiri envisions the Bloemfontein Campus as a hub of innovation, learning, and inclusivity. She is dedicated to advancing the institution's mission of providing quality education while nurturing a sense of community and belonging among students, faculty, and staff.

Known for her collaborative and inclusive leadership style, Nokuthula Phiri believes in building strong relationships and partnerships both within the campus and with the broader community. She is committed to creating an environment that encourages open communication, creativity, and a spirit of continuous improvement.

Ms. Phiri places a strong emphasis on academic excellence and student success. She is committed to enhancing existing academic programs, fostering innovative teaching methods, and providing students with opportunities for holistic development through extracurricular activities and experiential learning.

Understanding the importance of the university's role in the community, Nokuthula Phiri is dedicated to strengthening ties with local organizations, businesses, and community leaders. She envisions collaborative initiatives that benefit both the campus and the broader community.

In an era of rapid technological advancement, Ms. Phiri is keen on integrating innovative technologies into the campus's educational practices. She envisions a campus that embraces digital learning tools, research advancements, and prepares students for the challenges of the future.

One of Ms. Phiri's priorities is to ensure that the Bloemfontein Campus remains accessible and inclusive to students from diverse backgrounds. She aims to create an environment where all students feel valued and supported in their academic journey.

Nokuthula Phiri is poised to lead with vision, integrity, and a passion for education. Her dedication to fostering a positive and enriching campus experience aligns seamlessly with the institution's commitment to excellence.

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