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Innocent Moyo

MSc in Business Administration
MSc in Education Management
BSc Education

Campus Head : Pretoria
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Email : 

Telephone : +27 12 320 7270


Innocent Moyo is a results-driven and dynamic educational leader with a rich background in teaching and managing educational institutions across diverse age groups. Holding a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Education in Educational Management, his journey reflects a commitment to fostering academic excellence and professional development.

As a Campus Head for 6 years at The Independent Institute of Education, Rosebank College, he has honed his skills in team leadership, strategic planning, and budget management, ensuring the success of multiple campuses. His extensive experience encompasses roles as a Mathematics and Science Teacher, Principal, and contributions to various educational projects, showcasing versatility in both instructional and administrative capacities.

In addition to his formal education, he possesses a robust set of personal skills, including effective communication, adaptability, and a keen eye for detail. With a track record of successfully navigating challenges, he has excelled in creating engaging learning environments, implementing innovative teaching methods, and driving positive outcomes for students and staff alike.

Committed to continuous improvement, he is well-positioned to contribute his expertise to educational initiatives that prioritize excellence, innovation, and the holistic development of individuals within the academic community.

Management Members

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Campus Head : Pietermaritzburg

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