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23 February 2024

2 Min Read

Empowered by Education: Lerato Dlalisa's Rise as the Next Broadcasting Guru

Dive into the inspiring narrative of Lerato Dlalisa, a shining example of empowerment through education. Join us in witnessing her remarkable rise as the next broadcasting guru, fueled by knowledge, passion, and unwavering determination.

Lerato Nobuhle Dlalisa, a cum laude IIE graduate from IIE Rosebank College, stands as a beacon of determination and educational transformation. Completing an IIE Diploma in Journalism in 2022, she officially embraced success in May 2023. Now, as a Multimedia Reporting Intern at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Lerato's journey from IIE Rosebank College exemplifies unwavering commitment and valuable lessons.

Key insights from Lerato include the emphasis on approach, conduct, and insightful preparation, acquired through IIE Rosebank College`s holistic educational experience. Expressing gratitude for the support from the Graduate Employment Program (GEP), Lerato highlights the institution's investment in graduates' success, aiding a seamless transition into thriving careers.

Lerato's success is attributed not only to academic achievements but also to her proactive approach to opportunities. Her resilience serves as an inspiring reminder that challenges are inevitable, defining one's journey to success.

Acknowledging the impact of her IIE Rosebank College lecturers as mentors, Lerato emphasizes their crucial role in her development. In three years, she absorbed knowledge, allowing personal growth and paving the way for remarkable achievements.

Lerato's advice to current and future students resonates with the spirit of resilience: "You are the master of your future. Don't let setbacks define your path. Put yourself out there, and you never know who is watching and what is in store for you."

As Lerato continues to excel in the broadcasting industry, she remains an inspiration for the IIE Rosebank College alumni community. Her journey showcases the transformative power of education and unwavering belief in shaping a successful future.