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05 June 2019

5 Min Read

Creative study methods that work

​Let's face it guys, studying sucks! During those moments when you are attempting to absorb all that information, looking at your textbook and notes - your mind is likely to wander off as you think of at least 50 things you would rather be doing. So how do you stay focused? Our advice, get creative!

Read your notes aloud
You could pretend to be giving an important speech or you could get creative with your accent. What's important is that you can hear and not only see what you are reading.

Play a game
If you are part of a study group, challenge your study mates to a study group battle, where the winner challenges everyone until someone beats them. This is not only fun, but if you are competitive this is a chance to participate in positive competition.

You could use pictures or images to showcase key ideas or to remember important information. Or you could simply highlight or underline using different colours to make what you would like to remember to stand out. You could go as far as creating a storyboard, showcasing the sequence of events for easier learning.

You could create a song relating to your study material or a short story detailing the important characters and setting to make your studying fun.  A poem could also be just as effective, and it doesn't have to rhyme.

Make sure to summarize your study material using your own language. Use sticky notes and post them around your room so you can easily refer to what's important to remember.

Teach someone else
Recite what you have learned to someone else like your mom or pretend to give a full lecture to an imaginary class.


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