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Information & Communications Technology

IIE Advanced Diploma in Application Development


NB: this information was accurate at the time of publication and is valid for the 2024 academic year. The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) reserves the right to alter any of the content prior to commencement of registration due to changes in regulation, policy, market requirements or any other valid reason.

The purpose of this qualification

The purpose of the IIE Advanced Diploma in Application Development is to provide graduates with an advanced understanding of application development. This qualification offers a thorough, focused, and applied specialization which meets the requirements for application development in commercial enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures. This qualification will enhance the flexibility and agility of application solution developers through the inculcation of a deep and systematic understanding of current thinking, practice, theory, and methodology in application development.


Distance (Online): This IIE qualification is available online through IIE distance learning for individuals wanting to study and work an IIE distance student, you will receive all your support online from a dedicated team of IIE RC online tutors. Speak to a student advisor for more information.


  • Online


Skills You Will Develop

The qualification will produce graduates with the necessary specialized theoretical and practical skills in the latest techniques and technologies employed within the Application Development industry. This qualification will strengthen and deepen the graduates’ knowledge and develop their applied competence in analyzing, interpreting, and understanding application development technologies and tools. It will further develop the graduates’ depth of knowledge in programming, research, and professional skills while offering an opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies.

Possible Careers

  • Data Research Programmer  
  •  Mid-Level Programmer Analyst
  • Junior to Mid-Level Application Developer
  • Junior to Mid-Level Cloud Developer 
  • Junior to Mid-Level Software Quality Tester 
  • Data Source Developer
  •  Cloud Computing Developer Integrator

Qualification Accreditation

Your qualification has weight!

The IIE Advanced Diploma in Application Development is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and is registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as a 120-credit qualification on Level 7 (SAQA ID No:  120603). On successful completion you will receive an Advanced Diploma in Application Development from The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a leading registered private provider of higher education in South Africa.


Important Information

To be awarded this qualification, a minimum final year mark of 50% for each module must be achieved.

We've got your back!

All our IIE Rosebank College registered students get free software. The software includes and is not limited to MS Excel, MS Project, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook, which come with Office 365 bundle. Students can  access the software online using their RCCONNECT email addresses on office 365 or visit the campus IT Department to get FTP access to download the software.


  • The appropriate technology equipment and tools are essential to succeed in distance (online) study.
  • A reliable internet connection (we recommend 5-10 GB of data per month), your own device with at least Windows 8 or macOS 10.15, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Chromium or Firefox. 
  • An uninterrupted power supply is also highly recommended.

What are the benefits of an IIE distance (online) qualification?

The IIE’s distance (online) delivery mode provides you with the agility of studying towards a tertiary qualification asynchronously, at different times from different locations. Distance students need to commit to approximately 20-25 hours a week for distance engagement (most of which is after hours) with material and assessments to succeed.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • A sequenced online learning environment that allows you the ability to manage your learning experiences flexibly and autonomously.
  • A learner guide designed to lead you through the module material and learning outcomes, empowering you to effectively pace your learning in preparation for assessments.
  • The Learning Management System is designed to break up your learning units into manageable sections which include various activities to support learning.
  • Module expert online lecturers that facilitate module teaching and learning support through various technology enhanced mediums.
  • Online Success Navigators provide administrative and operational guidance and support throughout your academic journey.
  • A professionally registered Student Wellness Manager/Counsellor available for short-term, primary counselling services. Additionally, the Student Wellness Manager/Counsellor hosts various webinars and virtual talks on topics that promote a balanced lifestyle as you pursue your academic goals.


From 2024, we are planning to offer you the ability to write your exam online, which will be invigilated. 

  • Your device needs to fulfil the minimum requirements as above with internet connectivity, a working webcam and audio recording ability, with battery life sufficient for the exam duration in case of power outage once the exam has started.
  • Whilst Android devices and tablets can be used for your studies, they cannot be used for online exams.
  • You are responsible for making contingency plans in case of planned power outages.
  • You need to be alone in a quiet environment for writing your exams online.
  • Selected final semester exams as indicated on your Programme Assessment Schedule (PAS) can be written online, at an IIE campus, or at an approved exam centre where appropriate.


  • For students based in South Africa, online students may select any campus of The IIE’s Varsity College, Rosebank College, Vega, or IIE MSA as their Examination Centre.
  • An alternative examination centre is only permissible for students studying abroad and those located in a province of South Africa where there is no IIE campus. If there is no IIE campus within reach, an alternative venue will need to be sourced by you. For non-IIE venues, there is an alternative venue levy per module.

How will The IIE’s ROSEBANK College support your online learning as a distance (online) STUDENT?

The distance teaching and learning approach is designed to allow you the freedom to self-govern your learning 

experiences according to your individual needs. You are at the centre of your own learning journey, and by offering curated engagement opportunities, we partner with you to:

  • Engage with subject material
  • Build understanding.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Manage your work, life and studies.
  • Succeed in your personal, professional, and academic goals.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements  
An appropriate Bachelor’s Degree or a Diploma or relevant equivalent (at least 360 credits, NQF Level 6). If the discipline of the degree or diploma is not considered sufficiently cognate, a student may still be admitted but may be required to do additional coursework.

A SAQA NQF Level 6 Evaluation Certificate in an appropriate field.


Senate Discretionary Admissions

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Where candidates do not satisfy the formal admission requirements for this qualification, The IIE may consider an admission application in terms of the Credit Accumulation and Transfer, Recognition of Prior Learning and Qualification Completion Policy (IIE010).

If applicant does not meet minimum admission requirements and there is no alternative (such as completion of NQP modules) but they have relevant experience, the following must be requested to consider admission via RPL:

  • Certificates for all formal (Accredited Higher Education qualifications) and/or informal qualifications/modules (SLP’s, Microcredentials etc.) SAQA certificates must be provided for any international qualifications.
  • CV to determine whether the following are related to the qualification that the applicant is applying for:
    • Formal (Accredited Higher Education qualifications) and/or informal qualifications/modules (SLP’s, Microcredentials etc.)
    • Relevant work experience

Qualification Outline


Qual Code Module Code Module Name Semester
ADAD113 APDS Application Development Security Semester 1
ADAD113 APPR73111 Application Programming 3A Semester 1
ADAD113 CLDV7111 Cloud Development A Semester 1
ADAD113 INRS7321 Introduction to Research Semester 1
ADAD113 APPR7112 Application Programming 3B Semester 2
ADAD113 CLDV7112 Cloud Development B Semester 2
ADAD113 SOEN7112 Software Engineering Semester 2
ADAD113 XADA7112 Work Integrated Learning Semester 2


Cash Fee Per Module

R4 390

Total (Per Annum)

R35 120

Deposit Per Module

R1 497

5 Monthly Installments


Terms Fee Per Module

R4 990


The Independent Institute of Education (THE IIE) offers you the opportunity to start with a higher certificate and progress into a diploma or degree.  There are several pathways offered by The IIE at IIE Rosebank College, that enable access to higher-level qualifications.  Speak to the student advisor for more information. 

Qualification Overview

IIE Advanced Diploma in Application Development


1 year

Course Type

Advanced Diploma

Study Options

Online & Campus