Work, study and live

We live online, or do we? We at IIE Rosebank College believe that we live in a blended state, encompassing both offline and online activities – between that is finding time to live. Time to rest and enjoy all the things one loves doing is still valuable, more so than ever. Family and "me-time" are needed; the trick is finding balance.

An option for studying, gigging and living, is online learning. With the improvement in infrastructure in South Africa and data costs becoming affordable, why not study online? We expect the demand for online studies to grow in 2021. To this end, we have increased the number of IIE Online qualifications to give prospective students a choice of several IIE degrees, higher certificates, and a diploma.

A formal qualification is still advisable whether one wants to be an entrepreneur or work for someone else. In the current era of the gig economy, "gigs" are becoming more and more prevalent. Doing a combination of both seems to be the favoured option for having it all.

If you pace yourself, you can fit studying into your lifestyle efficiently with IIE Online learning. IIE Online learning is modular and affordable, enabling students to start with a minimum of two modules per semester. Students are empowered to complete their qualification in line with their schedule and budget. We also understand that it is not just tuition fees that one needs to budget for; we have included ebooks (textbooks) in the tuition fee.

Studying online can feel quite distant. Choose an accredited and registered online provider with support structures in place to increase your chances of securing a qualification successfully and guide you along your journey. 2021 Registrations still open at IIE Rosebank College.


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