Preparing for your first semester

Now that classes have started, how do you make sure that you knock your first semester out the park? Preparing early and often is an effective way to ensure success. Prepare for your class, each test and each assignment. Follow our tips.

Get all your textbooks

There is nothing worse than coming to classes without the textbooks needed. Make sure you buy your textbooks whether first hand or second hand so that you can keep up with any suggested reading and assignments that will surely come up.

Write down your short term and long term goals

Writing down your goals helps to keep you on track and accountable. What would you like to achieve in the semester and the year? Get clear on what you want and start working towards it every single day.

Stay on top of things

Don't get lazy and complacent. It isn't always easy to keep the same vigour that you start off with, but make a conscious decision to stay on top of your work so that you can keep up with the pace. The last thing you want is have a list of things you need to catch up on to stay on top of your grades. This added pressure may just throw you off course and cause you to fail the semester.

Make time to chill

Work hard, but also play hard. Take time off to relax and hang out with friends when you can. After all this is an amazing time in your life, where you are required to develop both academically and personally, so don't neglect people and things that make you happy.

Get organised

The first step to manage your stress throughout the semester is to be in control of your academic responsibilities. Make sure you take note of important deadlines and exam dates. Keep track through the use of a paper or digital planner so you note when certain timelines will overlap or when you may have scheduling conflicts.

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