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16 March 2022

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Know your Human Rights

South Africa observes Human Rights Day on 21 March.

South Africa observes Human Rights Day on 21 March.

Human rights define relationships between people. They empower people to express themselves and get fair treatment in jobs and other social setups. They also restrict those in power from oppressing the less advantaged. They place a code that all persons are equal before the law. Without human rights in place, some people could be living in oppression without a remedy for their suffering. They are vital for the full development of individuals and communities.

According to our Constitution, every South African has the right to:

  • life
  • equality
  • dignity
  • freedom and security of the person
  • privacy
  • freedom of religion, beliefs, and opinion
  • freedom of expression and association
  • citizenship
  • freedom of movement and residence
  • freedom of trade, occupation, profession, and labor relations
  • the right to property, housing, health care, food, water, and social security
  • education
  • language and culture
  • access to information and access to court

If anyone ignores or abuses any of these rights, it is called a violation of your human rights.

How can the SAHRC help you?

The SAHRC has been established to inform and advise you about your rights, and to help protect those rights.

For more information, visit the SAHRC website at or call SAHRC Head Office on 011 877 3600

Enjoy your Human Rights Month

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