Getting to know your campus

​Do you know your way around campus, and are you familiar with the facilities available to make studying at IIE Rosebank College easier for you? Come with us on a campus tour, as we get to know your campus.

Make use of the library to study, take out books and to catch up with your assignments.

IT office
Do you have any IT related queries? Visit your IT office on campus for assistance with password changes, software updates and student card replacements.

Computer lab
Classes that require the use of a PC are held in the computer lab and have full access to Wi-Fi.

Cyber Centre
If you require a PC to complete an assignment or conduct research, make a booking through the librarian to secure time and a seat in the cyber centre.

Discussion Room
Do you have a group assignment to work on, and have no idea where to meet with your group to discuss the work at hand? Or are you part of a study group, and would like to discuss your work out loud? Make you way to a discussion room, where you are allowed to talk.

Study Room
Do you need a quiet space to study or work on written assignments? Go to a study room and study in silence.

Career Centre Office
One of the benefits of studying with The IIE's Rosebank College, is its strong focus on making graduates ready for the world of work. This means that we go all out to prepare our graduates for the world of work through career coaching sessions offered through our Graduate Empowerment Programme. Furthermore we have awesome career centres, with an amazing track record of giving students a head start. For more information on our career centres and the Graduate Empowerment Programme, visit a career centre on campus. For those campuses where the career centres are still under construction email for more information

Grab a snack, or take some time off the busyness of campus life with a trip to the canteen.

Student Wellness Department
If you are feeling overwhelmed, which is highly likely, make contact with your Student Relations Manager (SRM) on your campus or approach your lecturer so that they can refer you to the SRM. At The IIE Rosebank College, we care about your wellness as a student and have the Student Wellness department that offers a range of services that aim to empower students with life skills that are essential for adapting to college. The Student Wellness department is made up of Student Relations Managers who are qualified Social Workers and offer a variety of services such as counselling, social awareness campaigns, life skills workshops and community engagement.

Student advisory service
Come into the student advisory office to speak to a consultant about the qualification you would like to study and learn about the careers available in that field.


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