Finding the balance between school and your social life

Young people the world over are faced with balancing school and their social life, especially when looking to start higher education. So how exactly do you find the middle ground?

IIE Rosebank College student Phumzile Zulu (20) is struggling with the same thing. As a second-year student living at a student residence, Phumzile has the freedom to do whatever she wants, however she constantly has to balance fun and responsibility. "One method that has worked for me is that I turn up once a month, but always ensure that it doesn't clash with school tests, exams or submissions dates."

Khetha Maphanga (23) an Environmental Health, fourth year student and body builder juggles a demanding academic schedule and a grueling workout regimen. "I go to the gym six times a week, four hours each day, this is two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening but I never loose sight of what needs to be done."

If you find yourself struggling with FOMO while preparing for test week and exams, remember these tips

Manage your time

Create a timetable ahead of your tests and exams to help manage your time. Include much deserved breaks as well, so you keep yourself accountable.

Revise constantly

Keep on top of your books by revising regularly. For example, you can make summaries of each learning unit weekly to keep information fresh in your mind, while also preparing for those days when you want some time off.


Remember why you're here. You are here to get a qualification, so make sure that you achieve this by doing what's important first.


Written by Sihle Maduna

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