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26 January 2018

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Cool places to visit in Bloemfontein

​Are you considering relocating to a different city for tertiary, why not consider Bloemfontein, the capital City of the Free State province. Bloemfontein is also home to Rosebank College's newly opened Connected Campus, situated on 97 st Andrews Street Bloemfontein. Find out what makes Bloemfontein a city worth exploring.


About our new campus
“Our Connected Campus in Bloemfontein is a technology-powered learning environment, which allows our lecturers and students to share, gather and create knowledge resources and networks for the benefit of our students through the use of technology,” says Greg Fillmore, Rosebank College Managing Director. The digitally enabled campus offers a carefully planned blend of both classroom instruction and online learning activities. Modules are on the Learner Management System, Blackboard, and comprise videos, graphics, case studies, scenarios and allow for collaborative and reflective activities. What makes this campus unique is the fact that lecturers or tutors can be in the classroom at the campus or tutoring from any other location using online tools within the Blackboard or Collaborate; a product which provides a similar experience as video or teleconferencing, but with more engagement and interaction functionality.

Located in the capital of the Free State, the digitally enabled campus is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for easy access to the internet. This is a hi-tech campus with extended hours to accommodate all students who may wish to access campus Wi-Fi or PC labs.
High speed internet connectivity, laptops and tablets within a Wi-Fi enabled campus offer the perfect setting for exploration into a wider world that aids learning and experimentation.

“All learning activities are relevant, innovative and responsive. Students are also encouraged to explore new avenues beyond the classroom to acquire a meaningful interpretation of what they learn within their Wi-Fi enabled campus.”

Rosebank College is dedicated to providing students with a solid foundation, creating future thinkers to build successful careers. The IIE’s quality, accredited courses have a strong technological focus enabling graduates to thrive in today’s working world.


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