Grade 12's

Grade 12's

What is the difference between college and university?

Undecided about whether to attend a college or university? Not sure what the difference is? Most people believe that a university education is far superior to that of a college. We tend to think that university graduates are set for life and are surprised to see some struggle to find employment while their college counterparts find work almost immediately. In terms of South African law, private higher education institutions (sometimes called colleges) are not allowed to call themselves universities even though they can offer all of the same qualifications including degrees and even though the registration and accreditation of the two are the same. So what is the difference and how should you decide which is best for you? A major differentiator is that universities get a subsidy from the government while private colleges do not.


Did you know? You can access past papers and study at one of our campuses.

Preparing for your matric exams requires some fore planning and practice. Of all the things you can do to get ready for your final exam, practicing matric past papers is the best way to get good results. There are matric papers dating back to 2008 providing enough scenarios for you to go through to prepare. This method will increase your confidence and if repeated often is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing success.

How to prepare for Matric Finals using Past Papers

  • Visit any Rosebank College campus library, report to the reception desk on campus and request the subject papers you would like to refer to. Students who make use of this service are also able to study in our libraries. We have all the subject papers available.
  • Set aside 3 hours to do one paper over the weekend, time yourself and mark your script to see how much you know.
  • Compare your answers closely to the memo, if you can clearly see where you have gone wrong well done, but if not you need to go through it until you understand.
  • Repeat this process until you write your final matric paper.

The benefits of studying Past Exam Papers:

  • Helps you gauge likely exam length
  • Establishes number of choices provided
  • Shows typical number of questions
  • Assists with practice of exam techniques
  • Identifies key subject areas to focus on in revision
  • Identifies style of exam questions
  • Allows you to practice how much time is required for each question
  • Helps gauge most likely topics and questions to be asked
  • Improves time management


What to look out for when choosing a tertiary provider?

It must be noted that some colleges are not legitimate and students should know what to look for. Dr Coughlan says prospective students can do the following checks. All private higher education institutions need to be registered with the Department. Any credible campus must be able to show you a certificate to that effect, which details the campus, provider and qualifications. All higher education qualifications need to be accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee of the Council on Higher Education – if they are not accredited they will not appear on the certificate referred to above. All qualifications must be registered on the NQF by SAQA and students should ask for the SAQA NQF identity numbers.

Making the most of Open Days

 Watch out for open days during the year and ensure you attend these to find out about the tertiary institution you are interested in. Some important questions to ask are:

  • What are the entry requirements?
  • Can I apply for more than one qualification?
  • Is there any reading or activities to inform my decision?
  • Do they hold interviews or is selection based solely on your marks?
  • Is it an advantage to get your application in early?
Pre-Tertiary tips 

So now that you have graduated from high school, you are now preparing to choose a career path that will bring you closer to your dream career. This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times in your life, and perhaps an emotional time for you and your family as well, as you may be preparing to leave the nest and start the beginning of your adult life away from home. Let us share some pre tertiary tips with you to make your transition from high school to tertiary a smooth one.

Closing dates
  • Make sure that you have checked on the closing dates for applications to the tertiary institution of your choice. Remember that higher education, degrees, diplomas and higher certificates are not just offered at university. You can pursue these same qualifications at accredited tertiary institutions such as The Independent Institute of Education's (The IIE) educational brand Rosebank College.
Stay focused
  • You have worked really hard to get to this point. You are finally preparing to follow your dreams and pursue your dream career. Make sure that you retain the same ambition and motivation that got you here, you will need it throughout your tertiary experience.
Don't forget about family and old friends
  • It happens to the best of us, sometimes we get so carried away in our new and exciting lives away from home that we forget to touch base with old friends or even check up on things at home. Give your parents a call atleast once a week, they will miss you.
Learn how to do your washing
  • Ok, this sounds out of place but trust us, you can save on shrunken and dyed clothes if you learn how to do your washing before you leave home. And take it from us, soaking your clothes for longer than two days won't make washing easier. Instead it might just destroy that designer top you really love.
Guard your stuff
  • If you will be staying in a commune or sharing accommodation with others, prepare yourself for loss. Mark your most valuable items and only take what you really need. Don't bring along that antique guitar that you saved a whole year to buy if you don't need to.
Balance freedom with responsibility
  • Now that you are finally free to be a young adult and have some control over your life you want to turn up? But slowdown this is really the first step into adulthood which should be approached with the utmost responsibility. From this moment forth you will be free to be an adult, so take it easy you have your whole life ahead of you.
Setup an email account
  • If you don't have one already, set one up. Email is a cheap and effective way to stay in touch and to send out your CV for weekend jobs.
Learn to stick to a budget
  • Learn to stretch your monthly pocket money. Make sure that you have all the essentials before using what's left for going out or on entertainment. There is no worse feeling than only having water and ice in your fridge.
Choose friends wisely
  • Avoid friends that will lead you astray, friends that are a bad influence and don't encourage you to be and do better. You are going to tertiary to get a qualification and to pursue your dreams not to end them, always remember that.

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