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16 March 2022 / Alumni2 MIN Read

Know your Human Rights

Human rights define relationships between people. They empower people to express themselves and get fair treatment in jobs and other social setups.

Job hunting tips_Rosebank College
01 December 2021 / Alumni3 MIN Read

Job hunting tips

Graduating from tertiary not only represents the end of a chapter in your life but also the beginning of a world of possibilities. It can be an overwhelming experience having a task of job hunting after graduation or way after you have graduated.

08 November 2021 / Alumni7 MIN Read

Red flags to look out for during a job search

It's currently a tougher economic climate--and therefore, a harder job market in quite a few industries than in the past.

01 October 2021 / Alumni5 MIN Read

How Covid-19 impacted my mental health

OCTOBER has been declared mental health awareness month to educate the public about mental health. Let's meet Rorisang Mathe an IIE RC alumni as she shares her journey on how covid-19 impacted her mental health, also get some tips on how to deal with depr

31 July 2021 / What’s new2 MIN Read

Public Speaking: Not the nightmare you expect

04 June 2021 / What’s new5 MIN Read

Higher Education Open Days Are Back

In coming weeks, several higher education institutions will again start hosting on-site Open Days following the virtual events held last year during the height of the Covid pandemic. But although these events will once more be held in-person, prospective

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