31 July 2021 / What’s new2 MIN Read

Public Speaking: Not the nightmare you expect

04 June 2021 / What’s new5 MIN Read

Higher Education Open Days Are Back

In coming weeks, several higher education institutions will again start hosting on-site Open Days following the virtual events held last year during the height of the Covid pandemic. But although these events will once more be held in-person, prospective

21 March 2021 / Tertiary years advice5 MIN Read

First Year Success During A Pandemic

March 2021 marks exactly a year since South Africa’s first Corona Virus case. This pandemic will go down in history as one of the most challenging times in some people’s lifetimes. Starting your first year of tertiary amid a pandemic is challenging as you

10 March 2021 / Wellness10 MIN Read

Work, study and live

We live online, or do we? We at IIE Rosebank College believe that we live in a blended state, encompassing both offline and online activities – between that is finding time to live. Time to rest and enjoy all the things one loves doing is still valuable,

10 March 2021 / Studying at IIE Rosebank College5 MIN Read

Junior High Roadmap: Take The Long View But Make Every Day Count

High school is an exciting if sometimes scary and demanding stage of a young person's life, and it requires of them to balance a daily focus on learning and academic work while also continuously considering their future and where they are headed.

11 February 2021 / Studying at IIE Rosebank College10 MIN Read

Teaching And Learning In The New Norm

Online learning has fantastic benefits for learners and educators. On the 5th of October each year, we celebrate World Teachers Day. Being an education provider ourselves, we witness the sweat and tears that teaching staff invest in their students daily.

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