Why holiday jobs are vital

​So you've just finished writing your exams and are excited to take some well-deserved time off doing very little except occasionally getting up to go to prepare something to eat? Not so fast. You should consider finding a holiday job!

There are several companies that do not close during December and are currently advertising for vacancies available during the festive season. This makes this the ideal time for students to get the working experience they need without the added pressures of balancing work and school.

Increased chances of securing employment

Since most employers are forced to find temporary employees during this time, they are very likely to select a young inexperienced student like yourself to work in their company. Use this to your benefit by sending your CV to employers of your choice who may need the extra hands.

Gain valuable work experience

Graduates who have working experience stand a better chance of finding employment straight after school. This is an introduction to the world of work. You learn the do's and don'ts, and learn to navigate your way through the jungle of work politics. While most employers understand that graduates may not have the relevant work experience, they do appreciate the fact that you may have some of the skills you will need to flourish in the workplace.

Make some money

We can all do with some extra cash. Working during the holidays allows you to make some money to enjoy the days you are off from work. This pocket money could even assist to buy your textbooks at the start of the New Year, or cover your travel and pocket money when you return back to school.

Make your mark

Holiday jobs can turn into permanent jobs. Most employers are looking to retain an employee who adds value, so make sure you do every task you are assigned well and you may just have a permanent job waiting for you after you graduate. Don't take any task lightly and never see your opportunity as too small to amount to anything, this could be your big break!

Grow your network

Working often means meeting new people. Use this to your advantage by making valuable connections. You never know who you will meet, perhaps they may be able to help you find a job better aligned to what you are studying, or they could become a mentor, you never know!

Working during the holidays can give you the jump you need to get ahead. Make sure that you use this time to increase your chances of becoming the employee of choice for your future career.


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Written by Karabo Keepile

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