First Year Success During A Pandemic

March 2021 marks exactly a year since South Africa’s first Corona Virus case. This pandemic will go down in history as one of the most challenging times in some people’s lifetimes. Starting your first year of tertiary amid a pandemic is challenging as you are most likely to miss out on some of the long-awaited tertiary events such as the freshers’ welcome party and more. Everything we took for granted is now even more important such as, hugging your new friends and chatting over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria with your peers. We cannot change the current situation, but we can make it manageable with a few hacks to help you get through the year with ease. 


We at IIE Rosebank College have made it our duty to support you academically and emotionally. Should you be struggling to cope with the transition from high school to tertiary, we have our student wellness managers who are always ready to listen and help you with a solution to lighten the load. Registered students can book a session as and when ready, and the best thing is, all sessions are free and confidential. 


The last thing you want as a new student is getting frustrated with an inquiry and not knowing who to approach for assistance. Our campuses have different support structures at your disposal, such as the student portal, student hub, and most importantly, our staff are always ready to assist – familiarise yourself with all the support structures in place. 


Coping is important, but living is essential. Tertiary is, without a doubt, different and can be overwhelming. Take the transition as the end of one era and the beginning of another. Be prepared to invest your time and energy in the most important things and always remember the end goal – you need to walk away from experience with a qualification. 


The pandemic influenced a shift from traditional methods to primarily connecting digitally. Whether connecting digitally or face-to-face, it is essential to take time to reboot. Invest in a reliable internet connection to keep connected and collaborating. Our campuses are also Wi-Fi-enabled, should you need to connect when on campus. 

Asking for help is an essential skill that will benefit you during and after your tertiary life. Get to know your tutors, lecturers, and classmates. Collaboration and teamwork are essential to get through your tertiary years successfully. Take control of your studies and ask for feedback from your lecturers and use the feedback as an opportunity to do better. 


Life is more exciting when you have something to look forward to. Student life is a once in a lifetime experience; find a new way of connecting, collaborating, and sharing ideas with peers, tutors and lecturers. Times have changed, and we must adjust and find new ways of enjoying the things we used to take for granted. There are various student activities in and around some of our campuses that you can still enjoy safely. The parks and museums around some of our campuses are a start.  


Times are tough, and the cost of living is high. You need to make sure that you spend your money wisely and prioritise expenses accordingly. Avoid spending more than your monthly allowance or what you earn. Finding part-time work can be a good way of preparing for the world of work and making money while studying. Having a savings account is a good way of planning for your dream assets, like your first home.

We wish you all the best for the coming year and beyond. Remember that the pandemic is not over yet. Stay safe – social distance, mask up and sanitise. 


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