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  • Contact your campus for all graduation details including invites.
  • ONLY students who receive a formal invitation to attend graduation will be allowed to graduate. Students who do NOT receive an invitation may NOT attend the graduation ceremony. Contact your campus to collect your invitation or should you have any queries.
  • In keeping with the formal nature of our graduation ceremonies, dress code is formal and respectable.
  • Graduands must wear black academic gowns and the official IIE academic stole for the qualification concerned. This academic regalia is available from Academic Apparel, details of this provider is with your invitation.
  • Each graduand ascends the stage with the stole draped over his/her left arm. The graduand must then hand his/her name card to Reader of Names at the podium before their qualification is conferred.
  • Each graduand is allocated guest tickets for the ceremony. Refer to the invitation for the number of guests you can invite.
  • Cell phones must be switched to silent for the duration of the ceremony.
  • Graduands must arrive at least 1 hour before their ceremony to register, collect their academic regalia and have photographs taken.
  • Kindly ensure that your guests are seated at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Click here to download graduation protocol

Academic regalia

The Faculty of Humanities

Red is an emotionally intense colour, associated with energy, strength, determination, passion and love. This epitomises the graduates who excel in this field and who seek to contribute to the development of the society that supports us all through enhancing and advancing the way that people interact with each other and with the world around them.

The Faculty of Commerce

The salmon orange colour has been associated with high principles and thought leadership in the business world since The London Financial Times started to use the colour for its newsprint from 1983. We have thus chosen this colour for our Business graduates to represent our confidence in their ability to contribute to the development of our economy as business leaders. Green represents life and is the colour chosen for graduates of our leisure management qualifications within the Faculty of Commerce.

The Faculty of Information and Communications Technology

The blue used in the ribbons for graduates from this faculty is derived from the blue used in many technological applications to signify connection and movement and routes to follow – the blue used for most “clickable links”. By using this colour for this faculty we aim to represent the dynamic drive, perception, depth, expertise and adaptability that are characteristics of our graduates who are well positioned to contribute to the development of South Africa as a key player in an information technology enhanced society.

Graduation Gallery

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