Digital learning, otherwise called online learning is a form of blended learning. This type of learning combines more traditional learning methods of sitting down in a classroom to learn with more informal learning methods, such as through collaboration, networking and on the job experiential learning. Digital learning enables the student to mould their studying around their lives. It can be accessed at the push of a button, whenever and wherever the student is.

The flexibility and technology based nature of digital learning appeals to students young and old. Digital learning also has the ability to transform learning that serves one type of learner into learning that is truly interactive and engages all learner types. 

With over 17 000 students studying full-time (contact), part-time (contact) or through distance learning, The IIE's Rosebank College offers a carefully planned blend of both classroom instruction and online learning activities.

The modules of the qualifications are presented on the RCLearn system so that students can engage with real life examples, case studies and collaborative activities while they master the content and how it is applied in the world of work, while sessions with lecturers will also help to deepen learning and ensure that all students fully grasp what they need to know.

What makes this method of teaching and learning unique is the fact that lecturers or tutors can be in the classroom at the campus or can be tutoring from any other location using the online tools within learning management system which includes online classrooms with video and other interactive abilities.  

This new method of teaching and learning will promote the practice of all your 21st century skills such as problem solving, collaboration and working with information which will ultimately prepare our IIE graduates for the world of work in the 21st century.

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