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​​How to prepare for your first day ...

The transition from high school to tertiary is a big one, and it's worth preparing yourself for the changes that surely await you. Luckily for you, you don't have to go through this alone. We've made things easier for you, providing tips on how to get ready for your first day. Click here to read more...

Orientation Week 

Ever wondered what goes on at Orientation Week and whether it is worth attending? Wonder no more...

What exactly is Orientation Week?​​

Orientation or O Week as it is also called is our way of welcoming you to Rosebank College. It consists of social and academic activities designed to introduce you to life at Rosebank College.  The purpose is to introduce students to staff and our facilities. We will provide a campus tour and show our new students the different aspects of student life, while also offering useful advice on how to adapt from school to tertiary life.  It is not compulsory but beneficial. When classes start a week later, you will be familiar with your new campus and you will have a timetable in hand. You will not feel lost.

Why should you attend?

We encourage new students to take part in Orientation, as they will be shown how to use the student portal, they can meet new friends and they will have a better idea of how to survive their first year. Timetables and student cards w​ill also be issued during this week. But more importantly it's actually a lot of fun!

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