Freedom Day during the pandemic

27th April 2020 – Freedom Day in a Time of COVID 19.

The 16th of April is what would’ve been the last day of the nationwide lockdown. However this what not the case on President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the extension of the lockdown which led to a direct result of Freedom Day which is on the 27th of April 2020 to be quiet different this year.


The 27th April is a day that is marked a freedom day in South Africa it commemorates the first democratic elections post-apartheid. This election is the election that saw South Africa have the first black president, Nelson Mandela back in 1994.

This year freedom day might not be feeling South Africans feel connected to; this day is when one usually feels the privilege of living in a free country. From taking a trip to Robben Island, feel Soweto, go for a braai at a local shisanyama or just hanging out in Sandton whether shopping or enjoying a meal you are in the presence of the sculpture of icon Nelson Mandela. Many young people would be enjoying a proudly South African themed festival or enjoying the country’s public gardens with friends.

These normalities are being taken away from us a country but the responsibility we have as South Africans is much greater. The lockdown measure has been put in place to curb the diseases that has claimed lives of thousands of people across the world.

We can still enjoy the day amidst lockdown and here’s a list of what to do.
• Keep the spirit of unity and freedom by getting creative at home with games you can play in safety and comfort of your homes.
• Have a braai at home.
• Video call your grandparents and share the knowledge of South Africa as a free country and share its history. Maybe they can share the excitement that was shared in South Africa on the day in 1994.
• Watch a movie with your family that shows how far South Africa has come as a country this will be a reminder that untied as a country we can get through the current fight of Covid 19.

The feeling of freedom in a time when it seems like we do not have freedom we realise freedom is within us. We are the ones who can set our mind-set to get through this. It’s hard to keep positive as we are stressed about the economy and whether the food supplies are sufficient but remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Happy Freedom Day South Africa, STAY HOME STAY SAFE

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