Now more than ever, it is essential to look after your health, physical being and your mental health. Mental health plays a vital role in reaching your goals successfully. We care and wanted to remind you that our staff are always there to assist. Our Student Wellness Managers are also available should you need counselling. Please use these services. They are there to ensure you are both mentally and physically fit to go through your tertiary journey successfully. Read our blog for tips on how to manage stress. 

New: For your wellness

IIE Rosebank College, in partnership with eta College, brings you the opportunity to access their wellness App (Mywellness) for FREE with tons of GREAT BENEFITS. It’s like a NUTRITIONIST & PERSONAL TRAINER on your phone. Speak to your Student Wellness Manager for more details. 

Important to know

The pandemic has brought many challenges. However, the opportunity to complete your studies with IIE Rosebank College is still very much a reality. We urge you to ensure that we have your current contact number to ensure we can reach you during this time and going forward. We have negotiated a data deal with MTN, Vodacom and Telkom to ensure you can continue with your studies. Please make sure you read through all the information below to understand the terms of all the resources and note important dates. Stay safe and stay healthy. We thank you for entrusting us with your future. 

Travel Permits

Before you travel to any of The IIE's Rosebank College campuses. Please note the following:

Step 1:  Check and update your information on the student portal

Step 2: Apply for travel permit on the student portal

Step 3:  Should someone be driving you to the campus, they too need a permit. You can contact the Principal/Campus Head to get a permit (please allow 3 working days for processing)

Stay Connected 

Useful downloads

We have designed some useful infographics to make it easy for you to digest the information, and you can download them should you need to.

Bootcamp sessions explained - June 2020

How to engage online - Netiquette

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