The Independent Institute of Education supports the call of the President for this drastic measure to flatten the curve, and we will be supporting it in every way. We remain equally committed to you and your education. Please ensure that you keep an eye on your student email, the Student Portal and the announcements page of Learn. for more information on covid-19 please visit:

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Dear Student 

Post School Education and Training – Minister Nzimande's Press Briefing The Independent Institute of Education has aligned with the position communicated by the Minister. We will therefore not begin teaching online tomorrow (18 March 2020) as originally communicated and will instead resume our academic programme no later than the 15th of April 2020. 

Leading up to this, we will communicate the details of our arrangements, amendments to the academic programme and its assessment and any other details as they unfold. Please monitor your campus mail addresses and other normal campus communication channels regularly. Students are encouraged to use the time productively by continuing to work through the platforms and learning material you already have. 

Like the public Universities our campuses will remain open. Students needing to access the campus will, like our staff, comply with the health and safety and prevention requirements of social distancing and hygiene such as hand washing. Students already being taught online, as they are registered in the distance mode, are not impacted by this communication at this stage. 

Thank you for your understanding of how fluid this situation is and for your messages of support. The completion of your academic year is a priority for us, and we are seeking ways of assuring that we can do that effectively and efficiently after this early break. As always, please direct your questions to the campuses as those teams are best positioned to assist you. 

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