Jul 06
Make a commitment and start saving this savings month



We are living in challenging economic times, now more than ever, it is clear how essential it is to save for a rainy day.


It can be tricky deciding on how to start saving, like any goal - it's best to jot down your long and short-term saving goals. Have realistic money goals and commit to achieving them. Discipline is everything as it can be tempting to spend your savings if you have no clear goal of what you want your savings to do for you. In the spirit of savings month, we have outlined some saving tips to get you started. 


1.Re-evaluate your spending habits


It is essential to ensure that you are spending your money on items that matter the most. Re-prioritise to make sure you can cover the essentials first, save a little and then spoil yourself. 


2.Compare brands and products 


Brands and retailers often offer the same products at different prices. The internet is useful for comparing and evaluating products before making a purchase. There are various websites that you can use to compare and evaluate product features to ensure you are comparing similar products. Look out for seasonal sales and discounts. 


3.Think twice before you take on debt


Taking a loan is a big financial decision; it can make life easier if planned accordingly. It is also essential to pay back the loan when you can. Never take a loan to cover your lifestyle.


4.Open a savings account


Life is unpredictable, prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Save for raining days.


5.Keep receipts of your purchases


Keep track of when and what you spend on. Keeping your receipts will help you manage your money throughout the month and keep track of your savings. 


6.Use your student card


There are benefits to having a student card, use them. Shop where you can use your student card and make a saving.


Why not start saving this savings month and beyond? Saving is a lifestyle, and it becomes easier with time. Write down your saving goals and commit to achieving them.

Jun 15
Youth Month|Running a business and studying

Zanele Zulu’s inspiring story.jpeg

Zanele Zulu (24), is an IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices, and an IIE Bachelor of Business Administration graduate. Zanele is a passionate entrepreneur who is determined to make it against all the odds. She is intentional about her craft and firmly believes that no matter how good you are as an entrepreneur, you need to have some formal training to perfect your craft and elevate your business. 




After high school, I was not sure what to do, so I studied an IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices at IIE Rosebank College. After completing this qualification, my sister suggested that I consider that I study further for an IIE Bachelor in Business Administration degree. I firmly believe that some formal training or a business qualification is essential for a business/career to thrive. My two qualifications gave me the knowledge and understanding to run my own business. 




I run an events and décor company called Enhle Events. My passion for décor came to life when I was planning my sister's bachelorette party on a student's budget. I learnt how to work with a budget and used my creative skills to make it look beautiful. I was also inspired by a group of ladies who planned my sister's dream wedding. My sister is my biggest fan and has always inspired me to reach for my dreams. She suggested I start an Instagram page and showcase some of my décor ideas. This is where, and how, it all began.  





I am an entrepreneur at heart. I always knew I would become an entrepreneur. When I was in primary school, I wanted to become a doctor. I have always had big dreams, instead of working at a hospital or clinic, I wanted my own doctor's practice.   





I love this question. It always brings back great memories of my tertiary years. It wasn’t easy, but like I said, I love what I do. I maintained a great relationship with my lecturers and class representative. This allowed me to stay informed if I was not be able to make class because of a business commitment. I also used the campus library between classes to research ideas for any event I needed to host.   



 I had to learn to juggle my time, especially while I was still studying. If my class started at noon, I would leave the apartment at 8 am to run my business errands first - so I could make it for class on time.  


When I started, it was amazing. I loved the rush and the fulfilment it gave me to see my ideas come to life. I really worked and pushed hard, even taking gigs to sustain my small business. I found myself burning out because I would take on any and every client and try to make a reality of their not so real budget. I even had clients that would doubt my ability or look down on me because of my age and my experience in the industry. 


The more events I worked on, the more I realised that I needed to define exactly what I wanted my business to look like and achieve. I took a breather, reflected on my journey and focussed on empowering myself as a businesswoman and defining my intent for what I would like Zanele I’mbalenhle to become. My passion for entrepreneurship extends beyond Enhle Events and Zanele I’mbalenhle Beauty Bar. There will always be more to follow from Zanele Zulu.



Jun 10
Online learning decoded


With the rapid change in technology, Online Learning is a feasible option. There is no doubt that online education will be a game-changer for generations to come.



Deciding on a mode of study such as online learning requires a thorough self-check and some sacrifices on the student’s part. The learner needs to have the right tools, set study goals and a study plan. There are a few burning questions when it comes to online learning, and we have demystified some of the questions below.




Before committing to Online Learning, it is essential to know and understand what you are signing up for. It is crucial to understand the scope of work, the nature of assessments, and what support is available. 


As a student, it is essential to check the programme specific Formative Assessment Schedule to diarise important dates such an assignment submission dates and online assessment dates. These assessments are crucial for entry into final examinations. They may also contribute to your continuous assessment mark, which could determine whether you pass or not.

At IIE Rosebank College, we have online tutors who use BlackBoard Collaborate to initiate online discussion forums with students on different modules. These online tutors also give students guidance and feedback on how to complete assignments. The tutor also creates Integrated Curriculum Engagement (ICE) tasks to enhance learning. 





1. An online tutor to provide cognitive module teaching and learning support.

2. A Programme Success Tutor to provide onboarding, orientation, motivation and other teaching and learning support.

3. An online librarian, for support relating to library resources, writing and referencing workshops.

4. A Student Relations Manager for student wellness e.g. counselling.

5. Interactive WhatsApp messaging support.



May 21
Meet Your Campus Head: Bloemfontein

We are delighted to introduce Marjorie Tlali, the new Head of IIE Rosebank College Bloemfontein campus. She has a world of experience, and her passion for youth and education is sure to add value to our students. In this interview, we get to know her better.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a humble soul who is passionate about education. No challenge is too much for me, and I am dedicated to making a difference in the lives of ordinary people. I am very excited to join IIE Rosebank College as I believe in lifelong learning. True humility is staying teachable, regardless of how much you already know. I hold the empowerment of youth very close to my heart, and I am grateful to be in a role that enables me to contribute to their prosperity.

What are you looking forward to the most in your new position?
I can't wait to learn, grow and inspire - and I’m ready for the challenge. I aim to lead by example and to be a positive influencer. I want to inspire students and show them that they can achieve anything they desire if they put their minds to it. The most significant reward I could ever get from this position would be the continued growth of our campus. 

What would most people be surprised to learn about you?
I very family orientated, my husband is my biggest supporter, motivator and friend. I am humble, assertive and strict, all at the same time - which is a unique combination. I'm compassionate and caring, and I love helping others. I love learning and have no problem receiving constructive criticism - that's how one grows.  

What do you do in your spare time?
I am an aspiring chef. My goal is to have a fine dining restaurant when I retire. I spend some of my free time trying new delicacies - my poor hubby must eat all of this. I also love travelling, locally and internationally, creating special memories. It is also essential for me to take time out - read a good book or spend time with loved ones. 

What motto do you live by?
The quality of a great leader is not personality, but humility!


Written by Wanga Nemavhola

Feb 04
Meet your campus principal: Port Elizabeth

Meet your campus principal PE 2019 FB Post 1200X630 (1).jpg

In 2019, Rosebank College, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), opened its Port Elizabeth campus situated centrally on 3 Rink Street. At the helm is Clinton Appalsami who is the newly appointed campus principal. We got to chat to him, to get to know him a little bit better.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a family man. I have a lovely wife and two precious sons. My favourite part of the day is getting home to my family. I am currently completing my MBA in Entrepreneurship. I’m passionate about developing the skills needed for people to be able to contribute positively for themselves, their family, their community and their country because developing a nation starts with developing its people.

The reason I got into education is because I believe that by educating the youth, we can change the world for the better one student at a time.

What would most people be surprised to learn about you?

I love martial arts. I practiced Judo, Karate and by far my favourite was Muay Thai.

What are you looking forward to the most about your new position?

I am looking forward to building an environment where students can thrive and not just survive.

What motto do you live by?

To try and leave the world in a better place than I found it.

What do you do in your spare time?

I don’t have much free time, but I love playing good music and dancing with my family.


Written by Karabo Keepile

Jan 28
Meet your campus principal: Cape Town


If studying in the beautiful Mother City sounds like your idea of fun, then you will be happy to learn that IIE Rosebank College now has a campus in Cape Town. Situated on MSK House, 13 Buitengracht Street in Cape Town's City Centre is IIE Rosebank College Cape Town, our only campus in the Western Cape. We interviewed the new principal André Moolman, in our regular feature Meet your Campus Principal.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I have spent the last three decades in education and it still excites me every day. Family is important to me. I have been married for 28 years and have one son that keeps me young at heart.  I constantly strive towards maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. Travelling, art and nature are some of my passions. 

What would most people be surprised to learn about you?

I am an aspiring yogi, photographer and adrenaline junkie.

What are you looking forward to the most about your new position?

It is being instrumental in creating a space where young adults can develop into the best version of themselves.  There is nothing as rewarding as playing a positive role in people's lives.

What motto do you live by?

Each new dawn must be greeted with absolute gratitude and an improved version of oneself.

What do you do in your spare time?

Gardening, hiking, reading and yoga.


Written by Karabo Keepile

Jan 21
Upskill yourself to land your dream job in 2020


As the world continues to change around us, so does the need to keep up. No matter what stage of life you are in, learning never ends. 

Surviving and thriving in the 21st century requires that you become a life-long learner, remain eager to sharpen your skills and adapt to the changing world around you. If you are thinking of going back to school, why not start in 2020? There is no better time than the present. 

The benefits of becoming a lifelong learner

The world of work has become very competitive. Graduates are now competing both locally and on the global stage. Constantly upskilling yourself gives you the competitive edge that modern organisations are looking for. It helps you stay relevant and makes you a valuable member of any team. 

How can I upskill myself?

Organisations are looking for responsive employees. Those who are up to date with their qualifications are most likely to climb the corporate ladder faster. Upskilling yourself is easy and doesn't have to stop where you started. If you received admission to an IIE Higher Certificate qualification, you can, upon graduation, articulate to an IIE Diploma and then IIE Bachelor's degree at IIE Rosebank College. 

But I have no time?

Working professionals are also able to study further. You can pursue part-time study or even register to study online. These options make it possible for you to study around your schedule, at a time and place that is most convenient for you. 

Will I be able to afford it?

There are several options when deciding on a tertiary education provider. In South Africa, students have the option of choosing between private and public education providers. IIE Rosebank College offers affordable and flexible payment terms to make sure that fees aren't a reason why you can't study further. The choice is yours, study full-time, part-time or through distance learning. You can also pay your IIE qualification fee over 11 months. Take a look at the fee schedules here http://bit.ly/2R7rKmO to see how much your desired IIE qualification costs. 


Written by Karabo Keepile 

Jan 08
The difference between an IIE Rosebank College face to face and blended learning campus


Since the first IIE Rosebank College blended learning campus was launched in 2016, IIE Rosebank College has opened an additional three blended learning campuses.  The fourth blended learning campus in Port Elizabeth is currently open for registration and looks forward to welcoming its first student cohort in February 2020. Blended learning is a combination of traditional classroom-based learning and student driven learning that takes place online.

Our face to face campuses can be found in Pretoria Sunnyside, Pretoria CBD, Durban, Braamfontein and Cape Town. Our blended learning campuses are situated in Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Polokwane and Port Elizabeth. The different types of campuses were established to allow students of all types the opportunity to further their education. For example, our blended learning campuses are affordable and use a combination of online and traditional teaching methods. Textbooks are also included in the fee.

Differences between a face to face and blended learning campus

The main difference between our IIE Rosebank College Campus types is the teaching model with a different proportion of face to face teaching vs. independent online engagement.

"The IIE's Rosebank College recognises that higher education has a responsibility to support the growing trend toward blended learning in order to serve a connected youth population and to make education more accessible. With this is mind, our IIE Rosebank College blended learning campuses harness technology to promote collaboration and enhance the experience in the classroom," adds Greg Fillmore, Managing Director of IIE Rosebank College.

Our three-phase teaching model used on our blended learning campuses

This approach includes three distinct stages of teaching. Phase one includes a timetabled preparation session. Phase two refers to student self-study where students complete specifically created activities on our Learning Management System (LMS) and lecturers monitor students' online activity digitally. The final stage refers to timetabled feedback sessions which cover material that students struggled with during phase two. All content that is taught is available on RC Learn which is the Learner Management System (LSM) unique to Rosebank College. To support the teaching and learning experience, students have access to eBooks and online databases.

Whether you choose to attend our face to face or blended learning campus, you can rest assured that you will receive quality education at a competitive price that makes you employable.

Deciding which campus suits you should be based on your preferred learning style and location.


Written by Karabo Keepile 

Dec 17
How to find out if your tertiary institution is accredited

Are you still deciding on a tertiary institution for 2020? Make sure you check whether your institution is accredited, before you register and pay any fees. Failure to do so could ultimately result in you applying at a fly-by-night which will cost you money without obtaining a valid qualification to secure employment.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation describes the process that institutions of higher education undergo to confirm educational standards. Accreditation is earned through accrediting bodies that have been created specifically to review higher education institutions and programmes. These accrediting bodies are there to protect the prospective student and ensure that institutions offer acceptable standards of higher education qualifications that are aligned to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

What you should look for?

Accredited private higher education institutions should have:

  • A certificate of registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training. It should detail the campus, provider and the qualifications offered.
  • All higher education qualifications need to be accredited by the Higher Education Quality Committee, Council on Higher Education (CHE). CHE is there to develop and implement quality assurance standards for higher education, including programme accreditation, institutional audits, quality promotion etc
  • All qualifications must be registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) – students should ask for the SAQA identity numbers.

Rosebank College, is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). The IIE is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution. You can choose to study at any of our nine campuses located in Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Braamfontein, Pretoria CBD, Durban, Pretoria Sunnyside, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth or Cape Town.

Follow this graphic below to check The IIE's accreditation status


Written by Karabo Keepile 

Nov 19
Fun things to do in Cape Town

Cape Town, also known as The Mother City, is known globally for its natural beauty and rich history. This is South Africa's legislative capital, a coastal city in the Western Cape and now the new home of Rosebank College, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE).

With the December holidays upon us, why not consider a sho't left to Cape Town. If you enjoy the outdoors and exploring new places, then try out our list of fun things to do.

Hike Lion's Head 

Looming above Cape Town and the surrounding ocean like a sentinel, Lion's Head is an iconic part of the city. Lion's Head offers panoramic views of the city, Table Bay and the Atlantic Ocean which is why it is so popular with hiking enthusiasts. Though Lion's Head is a relatively short and easy hike, it is not to be underestimated.

Picnic at Kirstenbosch Gardens 

If you would like to enjoy the great outdoors, have a picnic at the flowery meadows of Kirstenbosch and take a leisurely stroll through the magnificent garden. This is the perfect spot to observe nature at its best. Every year between November and March, Kirstenbosch hosts the ever-popular Summer Sunset Concerts where a mixed line-up of international and local talent takes to the stage every Sunday to entertain the crowds amid the lush gardens.

Sunset Yoga Class on Clifton Beach 

Cape Town has so many beaches to choose from. Clifton is an affluent suburb of Cape Town with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Clifton Beach was rated as one of the Top Ten Beaches by the Discovery Travel Channel in 2003 and 2004. In 2005 and 2006 it was rated by Forbes.com at number 8 in the Top 10 Topless beaches in the world. Do a sunset yoga class on Clifton Beach to unwind and release tension.

Take a trip up the Table Mountain Cableway 

The Table Mountain National Park is a World Heritage Site. Whether you are a tourist or a local, visiting the Table Mountain National Park has got to be on your to-do list when visiting the Mother City. The park spans all the way from the iconic Table Mountain right across to the cliffs at Cape Point. You can either backpack and hike up one of the many hiking trails or take a breezy trip up on the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway.

Ferry to Robben Island 

Ferries depart for Robben Island from the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the V&A Waterfront at 9am, 11am and 1pm daily depending on the weather. The trips to and from the island last about three-and-a-half hours. Gates close 10 minutes prior to boarding, so it's best to arrive early.

Take a stroll along Bloubergstrand Beach 

Dig your heels into the whitewashed sand of Bloubergstrand (Blue Mountain Beach). Take-in the iconic view of Table Mountain, while you take a dip in the blue Atlantic Ocean.

Wine tasting at a wine farm 

Get on board the wine tram in Franschhoek. The quaint, small village of Franschhoek is the perfect place to move away from the busy city to enjoy 8.5 hours touring around one of the most serene wine valleys in South Africa. With various lines to choose from, immerse yourself in an entire day of world-class wine tasting at a selection of over 22 award winning vineyards. Be led by an experienced guide who will elaborate on the history of Franschhoek, as well as the farms you will be visiting.

A night out on Long Street

Cape Town has a buzzing nightlife with a variety of great restaurants to choose from. Whether it be bohemian-hipster-style gatherings or out of the ordinary club scenes, Long Street's nightlife is nothing short of awesome. Be sure to try out what Cape Town's nightlife has to offer.


Written by Karabo Keepile 

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