Mar 01
How to ace your first semester


Congratulations you are now officially a Rosebank College student. You have travelled a long road to get here and this is the final lap, so make it count. Your first semester is a very important part of your academic career. It sets the tone for the entire year and is a great "practice round" of sorts to make sure that you know exactly what's needed to get through your first year of College. Below we list 10 tips aimed to help you ace your first semester.

1.  Buy your books: Relying on lending books from the library will most probably leave you behind. You kind of don't have a choice, you have to buy your required books because chances are you won't make it without them.

 2. Utilize consulting hours for students: This is when you can get your questions answered by the person who sets the test, make sure that you take advantage of these allocated time periods to clarify whatever it is that you don't understand. 

 3. Make your crowd a successful one: There are so many opportunities to find people who are studying the same major as you, and in this same position as you. They will be a great group to be around and study with.

4. Sleep: Get some rest, your mind needs to be rested. No need to be up for no reason. Do not take your sleep for granted.

5. Show up to class: There is no more "it's time to get up, time to get to school," it's now all on you. Your programme coordinators have their money and qualifications. They could care less if you attend the class or not. It's your choice, so make the right one to get ahead. 

6. Make sure to stay on top of your assignments: This is not like high school, you can't be a week behind and catch up just like that. Once you are behind you are pretty much doomed. Assignments help to boost your marks when you do really badly on a test. In most cases your test are going to be the majority of your grade. Make the best of it, pass your classes and don't waste money.

7. Don't be shy: Take some initiative and make some friends they will come in very handy.

8. Learn how to say no!- Saying yes all the time is great when you want to have fun but if you have a test the next day you really need to learn how to say no.

9. Learn how to get along with your roommate: Having roommate drama can make your whole college experience a terrible one. So don't sweat the small stuff and make an effort to get along.

10. Just study: This one is self-explanatory. You just need to make time to do what you came to college for in the first place and that's study!

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Written by Karabo Keepile