May 21
Rosebank College graduates in the job market

A degree or diploma from a respected tertiary institution is usually seen as a guarantee of a well-paid job. From full - time employment to internships, The IIE Rosebank College charts the diverse fortunes of our IIE graduates from Rosebank College Auckland Park, a year since graduation.

The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) is South Africa’s leading private higher education institution. With 71 accredited higher education programmes, from Higher Certificates to Master’s degree level, offered on more than 18 campuses across the country through its highly respected and recognised educational brands, The IIE is the most accredited, registered private higher education institution in the country.  Rosebank College is a brand of The IIE.
In the first of three articles about graduate life after graduation, we contrast the starkly different paths of three of last year’s IIE graduates from Rosebank College Auckland Park.

 Welile Nxumalo, Office Admin Assistant
RosebankPic2.jpgWelile Nxumalo, 22, is the oldest of three siblings born in Swaziland to a mother who works as a Bank Clerk and a father who works as a Civil Servant for the Swazi government. Last year Welile graduated from The IIE Rosebank College with an IIE Certificate in Software Development.
“When I was doing my last year at Rosebank College I thought to myself, ‘this is it, I’m now just one step away from my dream job and after this it will be a smooth ride’.  However the reality was that I wasn’t ready for the job environment. For some reason I thought getting a job came easy especially after getting your qualification but honestly it is not, there is just more to it than having a qualification.”
Welile currently works as an Office Admin Assistant at Primafacie Investment Solutions. Although this is not in line with what she studied, she believes this is a great stepping stone. “These days most companies want people with work experience even if it’s not related to what you are qualified for, but as long as it has to do with dealing with clients and being in a work environment.”
To get your dream job Welile believes hunger and determination make the difference between employment and unemployment. “Don’t limit yourself, use whatever resources you have and make the best use out of them.” Welile is graduating yet again this year from The IIE Rosebank College, this time with an IIE Diploma in Software Development.
“I’m excited about my graduation this Friday 15 May 2015, I’ve worked really hard to get here.” She encourages this year’s graduates to continue their studies while they look for employment. “Finding a job is not easy. I would recommend that these graduates hold onto whatever job they get and continue to study part-time.”
“I love my job and I’m really grateful for the experience but I’m still hungry for success. I’m a qualified software developer and that’s where I’m headed. I’m using my current job as a stepping stone to get to my destination because we all start somewhere in life.”
Vuyani Myeni, Help Desk Consultant
sdfdsf.jpgA typical day at work for Vuyani Myeni, 23, starts at 8am. “On most days we need to complete online training courses which help keep us on our toes”. Once that’s done Vuyani logs in and assists users with all their software issues. “Data-cleaning takes most of my time but I look forward to be assigned bigger tasks in the future.”
Vuyani works at Ideas Incorporated as a Help Desk Consultant. The IIE Rosebank College graduate, graduated in 2014 with an IIE Diploma in IT Management. He recalls that he had to be patient before getting this job. "I had to wait a while before finding employment. I would tell new graduates to relax, don't stress too much about finding a job but rather find the job you really want."

Vuyani is clear that finding the job that suits your qualifications is not easy. "Finding a job takes a lot of time and dedication, I was also very fortunate because Rosebank College assisted me to get this interview." The Graduate Empowerment Programme (GEP) was created to prepare The IIE Rosebank College graduates for the world of work after graduation through career coaching workshops.

"Through these sessions we aim to empower graduates with tools that will allow them to find employment that matches their skill set and qualification," says Lillian Bususu, National Graduate Development Manager at The IIE Rosebank College.

Graduates need to be open to volunteering or shadowing someone who works in your desired field, says Vuyani. "This allows you to keep yourself updated, especially with technology."​​

Khanyisile Buthelezi, Receptionist

Student (2).jpg Khanyisile Buthelezi, 22 was well aware of the challenges of finding employment after graduation. "My brother warned me that is wasnt going to be easy." Khanyisile is the last born in her family of two born in Soweto to a mother who works as a nurse at the third largest hospital in the world Baragwanath and a self-employed father, Khanyisile grew up appreciating the importance of hard work. Now in her second job as a receptionist, Khanyisile is glad she was prepared.

"I would tell all The IIE graduates from Rosebank College to study further, it's tough out here." Khanyisile graduated with an IIE Diploma in Advertising Management. She currently works as a receptionist at Nissan and hopes to work her way up into the advertising department.​

Rosebank College is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Ltd which is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 (reg. no. 2007/HE07/002). Company registration number:  1987/004754/07. 

Written by Karabo Keepile