Nov 27
Virtual interview tips

Virtual Interview Tips Artwork.jpg

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought both challenges and opportunities. Staying home means living and working from home. For some, it could also mean interviewing from home. Technology has empowered us to carry on, even though the world has slowed down.


Virtual interviews are the new buzz word in the world of work. Like a face-to-face interview, one needs to prepare and practice to ensure you present yourself in the best light. To increase your chances of securing employment, we have prepared the following tips for you to ace your virtual interview.  


Trial run

It is essential to have a trial run before the actual interview to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Set up the device you will be using for the interview and do a test call with a family member. This will ensure that you test the camera angles and sound quality. Test different rooms at home to find the room with the best lighting for your call.


Clean background 

Ensure that your background is tidy and close the door of the room you are in - to avoid distractions. The ideal background would be a plain wall with no pictures.


Be professional 

You still need to conduct yourself professionally. Ensure that you use an appropriate username for the interview, avoid nicknames. Your first name and surname make an ideal username. Ensure that your cell phone is switched off. Close all programmes to ensure you have no incoming calls to distract you during the interview.


Look the part

Dress the same way you would for a face-to-face interview. If you look good, you will feel good and confident. The way you dress represents the kind of person you are. Avoid bright colours as this may be too much on the eye. Go for classic workplace colours such as navy blue or black.


Body language 

Even though you may be at home, remember that the prospective employer can still see you. Be sure to mind your body language, pay attention to hand movements, facial expressions and avoid fidgeting. It is highly recommended that you look directly at the camera, it makes it easier to engage with the interviewer.


Internet connection

The last thing you want when having a virtual interview is to run out of data or lose an internet connection. Ensure that you have enough data and a strong signal to cover the entire conversation. Move around the house to find a spot with the best network signal. Make sure that your device is charged and keep a charger nearby in case of emergencies.


Manage expectations 

Be honest. If there are small children or pets in the house, say so. We live in a blended world where work meets home life. Try to minimise distractions and remember that a barking dog or a giggling child is not the end of the world. It's life.