Nov 12
Getting and staying employable in the media industry

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Media, what a world - exciting, interesting, and glamorous! Media can be all these things if you have the grit and the endurance to follow through. Media is still a popular study option for many - with courses like marketing, social media, journalism and public relations still seeing significant growth year on year. These courses have evolved over the years to cater to the dynamic nature of the industry. It remains, however, a craft that requires hard work and passion. 


Now, more than ever is the time to stay relevant to remain employable in a highly competitive industry. The industry is also getting smaller with some media owners having been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke to Karen Bailey, co-founder of Cinevation, an innovative media agency, specialising in marketing, advertising, design, and activations.  


Karen has the following advice to offer graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs. She believes that a starting point could be some research on the media industry, as this will empower one to align passion, skills, and abilities to the right media role.  


Karen values the following in current and potential employees. 



I am always on the move, and so is the media industry. I love individuals who are bright-eyed, interested, enthusiastic, and have something to offer. 


Sports Fanatics

I love sports and prefer people who have played or still play sports. I believe sports brings out the best in people and shows whether one can work within a team and play their role. This attribute is essential when hiring salespeople. Teamwork is not an option for us; it is a must. 


Piranhas dressed as goldfish  

Sales is a huge part of our business. When we hire salespeople, we prefer hungry and determined individuals who are also personable and likeable. People buy into people, after all. It is essential to have individuals with strong networking abilities who are also client centric.


Attitude, Attitude and Attitude 

We started Cinevation to empower people and make a difference in the media industry. I hire for attitude, I can teach skills, but I cannot teach attitude.


Karen believes an internship can be an excellent way to learn and gain experience. Work for free, if you must. Show interest and always go the extra mile. Find a mentor to help guide you. If you show potential, you could be asked to stay on after your internship. The future is in your hands, take charge, and make it happen.