Sep 25
Top IT jobs of the future

tech.jpgWith the advent of advancing technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, several IT jobs will grow in popularity in the not so distant future.

The demand for tech graduates continues to grow and there are several roles which will continue to attract growth. An array of tech and business skills will be required for nearly every position.

So what are the some of the top IT jobs that will be in high demand?

Computer vision engineer

Computer vision engineers build and improve computer vision and machine learning algorithms and analytics to detect, classify and track objects. With the advent of self-driving cars there's a huge amount of growth that is expected in this profession.

Machine learning engineer

This sophisticated professional is an advanced programmer who develops Artificial intelligence (AI) machines and systems that can learn and apply knowledge, performing advanced programming and algorithms to train these systems. AI will become a big investment area for tech departments of the future.

App developer

App developers will be in high demand. The developer will be someone who creates technological solutions for business problems.

Cloud engineer

As companies move important systems to the cloud, more and more are choosing a hybrid approach, with multiple vendors.

Alternative energy technician

With climate change threatening to damage the world, it will become more important to move to clean energy sources. Solar and wind energy for example will become part of the future.

Database administrator

Database administrators will become more in-demand by 2020, particularly as companies move toward more software offerings that include Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the ability to create AI-powered models.

Network analyst

Businesses are investing more heavily in their networks as IoT enters the workplace. Network analysts in the coming years will combine their technical skill set with an understanding of how to apply it to provide real-time trending information on network traffic, and what those insights means for the business.

Security analyst

Cybersecurity professionals are already in great demand, and that will continue into the future, as attacks grow more sophisticated and technologies to fight them advance. The role will likely evolve to include more data and AI skills.

Business intelligence (BI) analyst

BI analysts gather data from a number of sources, include internal software, competitor information and industry trends to develop a sense of where the company stands in the industry and how they can both grow and cut costs. The business analyst starts with the business side, and consider what the company needs in terms of apps to make the process work.

User support specialist

As technology becomes deeply integrated into the operations of business units, more employees will need assistance from support specialist.

With all of these positions and new skills on the horizon, employers need to be proactive in providing training to workers. Soft skills are also important to develop and employees who offer both technical skills and soft skills such as communication and empathy are really the workers that are in demand right now.


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