Jun 26
Substance Abuse Awareness Day – 26 June 2018


June 26, 2018 marks National Substance Abuse Awareness Day in South Africa.  South Africa is battling the scourge of uniquely South

 African illicit 'street drugs' such as nyaope, but also the increasing abuse of legal medications, such as ARV's, painkillers and cough

syrups – leading to what has been described as silent addictions.


Substance abuse among the youth has severe effects on our communities and families, and have many potential health effects for the

users, such as increased risk of injury and death due to either violence or accidents; increased probability of engaging in high risk sexual

behaviour, teen pregnancy and transmittable diseases; and increased risk for suicidal behaviour and psychiatric disorders.


Abuse of different substances is furthermore also often the reason for declining grades, high absenteeism and school dropouts. Substance

use during adolescent is also associated with involvement in crime and gang-related activities.


Drug dependency, in all its forms, is a massive problem that creates serious health, social, legal, and economic problems for the country.

Recently nyaope (also called whoonga), a mix of some scheduled drugs and antiretroviral medication, has become dramatically popular in

the country's townships. Studies also put the rate of alcohol use among South Africans at nearly 40%. The prevalence of tobacco use was at

about 30%, while dagga was at about 8%.


South Africa also has the highest incidence of foetal alcohol syndrome in the world, rampant teenage drug abuse, unemployment and a culture

 of violence. Statistics reveal that the most commonly used drugs were alcohol, dagga, cocaine and Mandrax.


If you, or anyone you know has a substance abuse problem they can call the toll-free substance abuse helpline. The toll-free helpline number

is 0800 121314, while SMS's can also be sent to 32312.


This line offers support, guidance and help for people addicted to drugs and alcohol as well as their families, no matter where they are in South Africa.

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