Apr 16
10 study hacks to improve your memory


With tests and exams around the corner, finding effective study methods is a must! Take a look at our 10 study hacks to 

improve your memory.

1.       Speak out loud

Speaking out loud while you study has been proven to help you remember things for longer. Next time when preparing 

for your test or exam, read your notes out loud instead of simply reading them. Just don't try this in the library.

2.       Share what you have learnt

The best way to really test that you understand something, is to teach it to someone else. Find a willing study partner to

share what you have learnt to assess your understanding.

3.       Take a walk

It's a fact, exercise boosts your memory and brain power. According to research from the University of Illinois, 20 minutes

of exercise before a mentally challenging exercise such as a test or exam can boost mental performance.

4.       Reward yourself

Create a reward system for yourself that encourages you to perform at your optimum. Buy yourself flowers, or plan a day 

with friends to unwind and relax after studying for that exam.

5.       Draw diagrams

Drawing diagrams helps you "see" information that may be difficult to remember. This type of visualisation can be 

remembered during a test.

6.       Create mental associations

Making connections is not only an effective method of remembering information, but it drives intelligence and creativity. 

Mind maps are effective in creating links in your mind.

7.       Create flash cards

Test your knowledge with the use of flash cards. "Spaced repetition" allows you to test yourself at different times and

 intervals on the same material to help retain it.

8.       Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks helps your brain absorb more information. It also allows you to stay motivated and focused while working. 

Take breaks after 45 minutes of study as your focus and concentration will fail you if you try and study for longer periods without 

taking a break.

9.       Change your study location

While many of us are creatures of habit it is important to add some variety from time to time. Change the places you study to aid 

information retention.

10.   Practice makes perfect

Use past papers to prepare your brain to retrieve information. Create realistic exam-like conditions to test your understanding.



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Written by Karabo Keepile