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Meet your new Braamfontein Campus Student Council - 2018

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Meet your new Rosebank College Braamfontein Campus Student Council 2018. These are the ambassadors 

you have chosen to represent you. Let's meet your student leaders from the Braamfontein campus in 

Johannesburg and find out what makes them tick and what they look forward to during their term in office.

Mary Lerato Mnisi – Deputy President

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Mary Lerato Mnisi is an IIE  Rosebank college student at the Braamfontein campus. The 21-year-old student is 

Deputy President of the student council for 2018 and is currently doing her second year completing the IIE 

Bachelor of Business Administration qualification. "I love being part of a solution, not a problem," Mary says.  

"I am energetic and believe that one's failure only takes you one step further from your success. Don't give up 

because pain does not last long but only for a minute. It is that pain that makes you who and what 

you are. Pain is also what propels you to make tough decisions."

 Zakhona Ntshingila – Internal Communications

Zakhona Ntshingila – Internal Communications.jpg

Zakhona is the 2018 Internal Communications student council member. She describes herself as an 

extrovert, with a bubbly personality.  The 19-year-old is currently doing her second year, completing her

IIE Diploma in Commerce in Marketing Management at the Braamfontein campus.  She strives to ensure

that a clear communication link is drawn between students and management on campus. Zakhona is 

confident that her public speaking skills will ensure that the internal communication portfolio on campus

receives the attention it deserves.

Tintswalo Saint Mushwana - Academics ICT

Tintswalo Saint Mushwana- Academics ICT.JPG

 Tintswalo Saint Mushwana is a proud IIE Rosebank College student who is currently studying towards 

obtaining an IIE Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology in Business Systems. Tintswalo is 2018 Student

 Council member for the Braamfontein campus. She is under the Academics portfolio for the ICT faculty. 

 "I'm a person who see's opportunity and potential in everything and I work towards uncovering it fully.

I always aim to be the best and to excel in everything I do. When my plans don't go accordingly,

I use that as a learning opportunity to bounce back, not only to survive but to thrive and conquer," 

says Tintswalo.

Siphokuhle Maqavana - Community Engagement


21-year-old Siphokuhle Maqavana is currently doing her second year, completing her IIE Bachelor of 

Business Administration qualification. Siphokule is a student at the Braamfontein campus and is also

2018 student council and is under the community engagement portfolio. She aspires to become a 

businesswoman as she says her strongest qualities are her leadership skills.

Livhuwani Netshiavha - Academics Business studies

Livhuwani Netshigvha  Academics buisness.jpg

Livhuwani Netshiavha, is an IIE Rosebank College student at the Braamfontein Campus and is currently 

completing her IIE Bachelor of Public Administration as a third year student. Livhuwani believes that the 

Student Council should alsways act as the voice of students and has a responsibility to ensure

that all students are heard.

Ratombo Zwivhuya Elsie - Academics Humanities

Zwivhuya Ratombo Academics Humanities.jpg

Ratombo Zwivhuya Elsie is a third year student who is currently enrolled for an IIE Diploma in Commerce in

Marketing Management. She is driven by the motto "true humility is not thinking less of yourself, but it is

thinking of yourself less." Zwivhuya has always felt a need to do public good and is always willing to learn in 

any type of environment. She has been elected as academics for the humanities faculty. "I love working with 

people from diverse environments, as I believe that diverse minds,together, generate innovative, creative and

strategic ideas," she says.

Hulisani Mmbobo - Academics ICT

Hulisani Mmbobo ICT academics.jpg

Hulisani describes himself as someone who feels joy from seeing others happy. "Even though it's hard at 

times to give to everyone who is in need, I try to help wherever I can." Hulisani is currently studying towards 

his IIE Diploma in Information Technology and Network Management. "I'm friendly and respectful to those 

who deserve it. I'm also a critical thinker and always keen to learn new things with every chance I get, explore

without limitations nor restrictions. I can easily adapt to any situation or environment. I appreciate loyaly, it 

means everything to me."

Sicelo Masondo - President

Sicelo Masondo  President.jpg

Sicelo Masondo is third year student studying towards an IIE Bachelor of Information Technology in Business 

System qualification. Sicelo has been elected as President for Student Council 2018.  Last year Sicelo served 

as a General Assistant and as a member of the Finance Committee portfolio and says that his experience 

helped him to familiarise himself with the events, the processes as well as requirements of the student council. 

His goal as President of student council 2018 is to get active participation of Rosebank College 

students in campus events to spark discussion of fresh and innovative ideas. 

Matilda Mandhlazi - Secretary

Matilda Mandhlazi  Secretary.jpg

Matilda Mandhlazi (19) is currently studying the IIE Diploma in Public Relations qualification and is also

2018 Student Council member as secretary. She describes herself as a self-motivated, open minded individual

with strong leadership skills. This allows her to work easily with others. She also adds "I take precaution when doing

my work and I also dedicate time and effort to the task at hand."

Siphesihle Gama - Finance

Siphesihle Gama- Finance.jpg

25-year-old Siphesihle Gama is a Rosebank college student who is currently completing his second year

of the IIE Bachelor of Business Administration qualification. Siphe is student council member for 2018 and is 

elected under the finance portfolio. Siphe says he is a vibrant and active person, who is always striving to 

succeed in everything he does whether in his studies or in business.  Siphesihle's goal is to 

complete his IIE qualification and serve the student council well and leave a mark.

Thando Nkabinde - Social & Cultural


Thando is an IIE Rosebank College student at the Braamfontein campus. She has been elected as student 

council member for the social and cultural portfolio. "I am an enthusiastic and driven young lady with a passion 

for both people and leadership. I'm very easy-going, hard-working and believe that a person's hard work

 is never in vain."  Thando  enjoy's conversing with others, laughing and taking  on challenges because 

they are opportunities to learn something new and grow as a person. 



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